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Thursday, May 21, 2009

National Stroke Association - May is National Stroke Awareness Month

It's National Stroke Awareness Month, the perfect time to honor and embrace the estimated six million stroke survivors in the United States.

May is a time for everyone involved in stroke recovery to understand the power and importance of having HOPE stand at the center of the recovery circle. It's a time to join a support group and start making a difference in the recovery support system. It's a time to learn about and protect against recurrent stroke. It's a time to spread HOPE about stroke recovery.

To help, here are a few tips for how you and others can make HOPE a priority during recovery from stroke:

1. Educate yourself through National Stroke Association's extensive recovery fact sheet series. We cover everything from how to choose a rehabilitation provider to managing fatigue. Download the series for free at: If you don't have access to a printer, call on a friend or local community center or church to print the fact sheets and any other educational materials available on for you.

2. Make daily assistance needs such as grocery store or doctor visits a little easier by setting up an online calendar community through Lotsa Helping Hands. Visit for more information.

3. Join a local support group if you haven't already. Visit to search for a group in your area.

4. Can't find a support group in your town or city? Start a support group yourself through Discovery Circles. Visit to download "Discovery Circles Guide To Organizing and Facilitating Stroke Support Groups". Learn about how to recruit members, arrange regular meetings and register the group so anyone can find you.
Registrants can receive free National Stroke Association materials, too!

5. At least one in four stroke survivors will experience another stroke in their lifetime. Learn about how to prevent recurrent stroke through our STARS program (Steps Against Recurrent Stroke). Download a free brochure and watch a video about the importance of controlling risk for recurrent stroke at:

5. Register for a FREE yearly subscription to StrokeSmart magazine, which features regular and real-life survivor and caregiver columnists and writers telling their stories. Visit or call 1-(800)-STROKES to subscribe.

National Stroke Association hopes that by taking action through these
helpful tips you will start a new outlook on stroke recovery, one that
includes HOPE, advocacy for survivors and caregivers and education
about how to continue on through the recovery journey.
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