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Friday, September 11, 2009

Participate in The National Aphasia Association's Survey

NAA Needs Assessment

In order for the NAA to address the many problems facing those who acquire aphasia, the following needs assessment has been geared toward the person with aphasia (PWA) and caregiver(s). If you have received this survey and you do not fit into these categories, we ask that you please click the "forward" button below and send it on to those you know who are PWA and/or caregivers.

The small amount of time that you take to fill out this survey will help the NAA tremendously by allowing us to hear how we can better serve you all. Your participation is confidential and answers are anonymous.
Thank you in advance for participating in this survey. We appreciate your time and effort.

Ellayne Ganzfried, Executive Director
Amy Coble, Info & Admin Coordinator
NAA Executive & Advisory Board Members
The National Aphasia Association
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