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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to manage pain?

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Tuesday 20th, October 2009

Watching a loved one try to cope with debilitating pain can be agonising. However, doing small things may make a big difference in the quality of life of a person coping with great pain, whether that person is in his or her own home or in a nursing home.

One should educate the patient about the disease, how to protect the joint while remaining active, which activities should be avoided, home exercise program of safe exercises to improve muscle performance, endurance and range of motion of the joint.

It is important to find balance between rest and activity and avoid biomechanical stresses on the joint. Stretching of muscles and joints is recommended to increase range of motion. Low intensity resistive exercises are given to improve neuromuscular control, strength and muscle endurance. Balance training activities are given for fall prevention. Low impact aerobic activity like walking is recommended to improve aerobic capacity. They should take enough sleep and not neglect pain and overdo activities.

A few tips
- Make sure to keep your joints mobile. Daily put your joints in range of motion exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist at least once a day.
- Do not push your body beyond your limit. Listen to the do's and don’ts and follow the advice given by the physiotherapist.
- Take frequent relaxing breaks of few minutes.
- Do not stand or sit in one position for more than 20 minutes.
- Do not work continuously in one position for more than half an hour.
- Daily do deep breathing exercises or meditation to manage your stress.
- Consult your doctor when joints flare up and take the required medical help.
- Have nutritious and nourishing food. Consult a dietitian.
- If required, use walking aides, joint support belts and braces.
- Always wear comfortable footwear.
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