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Friday, December 25, 2009

Aphasia Solutions Network News - 12/25/09

The Aphasia Solutions Network ( ASN ) is a rapidly growing network consisting of patients, caregivers, speech/language pathologists, and institutions who collaborate or partner with us in our efforts to dramatically improve aphasia rehabilitation. From time to time we enjoy spotlighting one of our collaborating partners in the ASN.

Paul Berger and Stephanie Mensh have received numerous awards and accolades for their determined and steady work for stroke survivors. For example, Paul was recently named Virginia Advocate of the Year by the American Heart Association ( ) . In addition to authoring very beneficial publications and presentations, they offer an amazing website loaded with free information, ideas and tips. I highly recommend that you visit their website, , and register for their free monthly newsletter. Below is information provided for this newsletter by Paul and Stephanie.

FREE Monthly Newsletter & 7-part course!

On you can subscribe to FREE Monthly Newsletter & 7-part course! And find all of the following and more...

"This web site is a great resource!" - R.M., Survivor, Toronto, Canada

* Articles & tips for survivors, caregivers & professionals

* Books & dictionaries for aphasia & speech

* Readings to build self-esteem

* References you won't find anywhere else!

* Questions & Answers

* Excerpts from our books & tapes

* Details on speeches & workshops

* Archives of Monthly Newsletter

* Paul-tested products:

* Grooming

* Kitchen

* Physical & mobility

Here are just a few examples...many more on!

Free Articles & Tips on Overcoming Aphasia

* Tips to Maximize Stroke & Aphasia Recovery

* Ten Tips for Communicating When Your Spouse Has Aphasia

* Setting Goals to Recover from Stroke

* Setting Goals From the Caregiver's Perspective

Aphasia & Speech Disability Tools

* Dictionary Word-Finding Tool

* Visual Dictionaries

References & Resources





Helpful Products

* Floss with one hand

* Electric jar opener for one hand

Sign up today for the monthly newsletter and 7-part course at

Paul & Stephanie

Paul Berger & Stephanie Mensh

Award-winning speakers, authors of

"How to Conquer the World With One Hand...And An Attitude"

Subscribe to free monthly newsletter at

Phone/Fax: 703-241-2375

P.O. Box 2644, Merrifield, VA 22116


Ph: 703-241-2375

P.O. Box 2644, Merrifield, VA 22116

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