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Sunday, January 31, 2010

CPS / Cabinet supervisor and Social Security Fraud

If I told you the supervisor at the Shelby County Kentucky office of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services was purchasing my abuser’s illegal drugs, you would probably think I was nuts.  However, although the money flow isn’t as simple I believe I can illustrate clearly how the Cabinet Supervisor is doing just that.
During my first interview with Cabinet social workers, I informed the Cabinet that I am a disabled American & that my children and I both collect disability pay from Social Security.  I further informed them that when my abuser left the jurisdiction, she took with her the ATM card on which those benefits were placed each month.  Now before anyone thinks this is welfare, let me assure you that I paid about 17% of my income into this insurance policy while working as an author and public speaker.  Due to an injury suffered on the job, I can no longer do that job due to a condition called aphasia.  I collect the benefits so I can retrain to reenter the workforce with a job which does not require public speaking.
On November 16th, I was awarded temporary custody of my two children.  A couple weeks later, custody was awarded to the Cabinet due to accusations that the head injury, which caused my aphasia, prevents me from raising children.  Where do you suppose my children’s Social Security benefits have been going?  Instead of going to my children, it appears they have been collected by my abuser who Social Security employees tell me has no legal right to collect the benefits.
Currently, the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Social Security is conducting a full investigation into just why it is that my abuser collected those funds, why the Cabinet for Health and Family Services did not intervene on my children’s behalf, and why my abuser has not documented how those and my benefits have been spent.  It now appears that my abuser might be liable for tens of thousands of dollars as she seems to have spent these benefits on her own selfish needs rather than entering the work force when I became disabled.
The social security administration assures me that Cabinet officials SHOULD HAVE immediately filed as my children’s payees and that the money SHOULD HAVE been used for my children’s benefit.  A Social Security fraud investigator assures me that there is no condition where my abuser should have received that money if she does not have custody of my children.  And yet, it seems the supervisor with the Shelby County office of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services has completely ignored her responsibility to insure the benefits were received by the State of Kentucky and used for my children’s care.
Instead, it appears my abuser continues to receive my children’s benefits.  As law enforcement officers inform me that my abuser has all the classic signs of being a “meth head” complete with dramatic weight loss and what is described as “meth mouth”, I imagine my children’s money is now going to purchase my abusers illegal drugs.  Although I can not say for sure that crystal meth is her drug of choice, now that my abuser no longer has access to the prescription medication she stole from my mother and I, it does seem she will have to purchase it on her own.  Why would the Cabinet supervisor seem to help her do so?
With incident after incident of what seems to be utter incompetence in my case alone, I can not imagine why this woman continues to hold her job.
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