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Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Now? Brain recovery Lessons Part 2 of 2

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Have you or a family member suffered from a stroke or a brain s brain injury?

What Now? Sharing Brain Recovery Lessons: A wonderful, short film designed to inspire and encourage. View the film here by clicking on the name of the film. If you wish a DVD of the film, please email us to find out how to obtain one.

Narrated by Alison, the film features interviews with five stroke survivors who have inspiring stories to tell. More about this DVD and the Author Alison Shapiro:

Alison Bonds Shapiro, MBA

Alison Bonds Shapiro had two debilitating and nearly fatal brain stem strokes in her early fifties. She was profoundly disabled and, she believed, without a productive future. Today, after a remarkable recovery, she is a motivational speaker, an active business consultant, artist, writer, college board chair, and engaged grandmother.

In the process of facing the depth of her injuries, Alison discovered that her attitude could and would change everything. She came to understand this simple truth: It's not what happens to us that makes the difference. It's how we deal with what happens to us that will determine the rest of our lives. Difficult times come to all us. We each can discover possibilitiies in any circumstance.

An eloquent speaker and gifted storyteller, Alison's speaking engagements inspire and teach. Over and over again her audiences tell her that she has changed their lives and given them tools to face their challenges.

Alison's published art and illustration includes: Just for Today, The Adventures of Tigy and Elly, and the primary image for Mind Matters Research.

Her published writing includes Healing into Possibility; The Transformational Lessons of a Stroke and various articles.

Sought after for her advice on a wide range of topics, both business and personal, Alison is the owner of Illuminating Solutions a consulting firm specializing in small family businesses. Her work leads her clients in the discovery and implementation of creative solutions.

Among her many volunteer activities, Alison chairs the Board of Trustees of Saybrook University.

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