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Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to get Aphasia Treatment?

Written by admin on Thursday, February 25, 2010 3:57
Aphasia is the most serious language disorders of all. It is caused due to damage of language center of the brain. But fortunately it has various therapies and treatments to treat this particular language disorders.

How to get Aphasia Treatment?
  • First you must understand what type of aphasia the person has. Example, a person with Wernicke’s aphasia, can speak a lot but unable to understand other’s words. Whereas in case of Broca’s aphasia, a person can understand words, but can speak out only few words with lot of effort.
  • Aphasia must be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. This makes a lot of difference in one’s recovery and getting back to his/her normal self.
  • Before deciding for a therapy, you must consider the amount of brain damge, the age and the health condition of the patient.
  • Find out with pathologist, neurologist who treat aphasia patients about what kind of therapy one must go through, what additional exercises that are to be done with the therapies etc. Also check if they have the latest technology included in their therapy sessions.
  • Try to involve the whole family in the treatment of an aphasia patient. In some of the training,relatives and family members are needed to get back the patient in his family circle. But you need to speak and treat the patient like human being. Try to speak with them in simple language and clearly. You must also be very patient with an aphasia patient. It can take a lot of time to treat, may be for 2 years.
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