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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The most effective treatment for stroke sequela(I)

One year after the attack of stroke,the existing symptoms are called stroke sequela,such as hemiplegia,language difficulty,or distortion of mouth and eyes,etc.Compared with recovery stage,the speed and degree of recovery in this period is slower.The demonstrations of stroke sequela are obstruction of unilateral limbs,hemiplegia,hemianopsia,aphasia,crossed paralysis,contralateral sensory disturbance,extraocular paralysis,nystagmus,language difficulty,hypomnesia,distortion of mouth and eyes,dysphagia,ataxia,choke of water and food,dizziness,headache,etc.The root cause of these symptoms are the pathological changes of blood inside cerebral vessel and pathological changes of blood vessel,such as atherosclerosis.The formed thrombus will block cerebral artery,leading to the discontinuance of blood flow and the necrosis of brain tissue resulted from shortage of blood and oxygen.If it affected kinetic system controlled by brain nerve,the corresponding sequela will appear,such as hemiplegia,obstruction of limbs,etc.If it affected speech center nerve controlled by brain nerve,the corresponding symptoms will appear,such as language difficulty,even aphasia,etc.
The treatment for stroke sequela(targeted at ischemic stroke)
The most effective way of improving symptoms of stroke sequela and reduce the high rate of relapse is scientific dietary,enhance of restorative exercises,and reliable medication.The inducing factors of stroke can be thus effectively treated,such as atherosclerosis,high blood viscosity,etc.and this can prevent the second formation of thrombus caused by arteriosclerosis,and improve the supply of blood and oxygen to brain tissue.The sound environment for brain tissues will be benefial to restore the function of brain nerves,improve kinetic system and speech system.Therefore,the symptoms of stroke such as,speech difficulty and disturbance of limbs,can be cured from the root cause,and prevent the reoccurance and aggravation of disease.
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