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Friday, March 19, 2010

Girls often giggle than originally suffering from

March 18th, 2010 • 18:03
a 10-year-old girl six months ago, there were some strange symptoms: the sudden cave-like side of being a point of physical weakness, headache and so on, eventually even people silly smile. Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital to identify their causes, the original is very rare, “moyamoya disease” for worship.
大阴 girl who lives in Hangzhou, has been reasonably good health. Ran from six months onwards, yet somehow her strange phenomenon occurs: one at home, she suddenly screamed headache, while the side of the body and facial numbness occurs. Some few minutes later, this strange discomfort go away. Because of its young age is difficult to accurately describe the discomfort, coupled with the symptoms quickly disappeared, we were not attention.
surprising is that not long after this strange phenomenon from happening again, but as time goes by, the interval between attacks become shorter and shorter. Recently, 大阴 more severe and bizarre symptoms, the incidence of human even when they were silly smile, and urinary incontinence. This time, his family alarmed. Was removed to Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, by angiography, MRI and other tests, and finally grasp a culprit – a very rare “moyamoya disease.”
Moyamoya disease was first discovered in Japanese, was considered to be unique to Japan as a difficult disease. As early as 1960, Japanese scholars have noted the emergence of moyamoya disease, officially reported in 1961 the first one cases of moyamoya disease. In 1969, Japanese scholars and Takahisa Suzuki to MOYAMOYA released the name of the first papers from moyamoya disease to be officially recognized. The highest incidence of moyamoya disease is Japan, South Korea and China, Southeast Asia, male and female incidence rate of 1:1.6 times, slightly higher than men, women.
learned that the disease incidence rate is about one in a million in China is limited to equipment and technology, the detection rate is even less than the actual incidence rate.
Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, Dr. Chen Shuda, director of neurosurgery and so on, for the purposes of patients with brain – meninges – arteries – blood vessels fusion and double the amount of longitudinal crack patching periosteum to form new brain vascular network. Returned to normal after girl, recently discharged.
introduced, according to Chen Shu-da, “moyamoya disease” can not be understood as the name suggests the smoke of cigarettes and other harmful violation of the proceeds disease, but a chronic progressive disease, cerebral vascular occlusion.
due to intracranial vascular occlusion, resulting in the small blood vessels compensatory haphazard manner soaring, abnormal capillary muddle a group, these small vessels do angiography, the appearance looks like a curl from the smoke, the formation of smog-like, so called “moyamoya disease.”
“moyamoya disease,” the clinical manifestations of cerebral ischemia or major bleeding, the patient, there may be headache, epilepsy, sudden weakness numbness, paresthesia, loss of reading, aphasia, depending on the material is unclear, hemiplegia , hemianopia, mental deterioration and so on. The general attack on their own after a few minutes to a few hours to alleviate, the symptoms may be recurrent, alternating, slow increase.
“smoke” disease clinical severity of cerebral ischemia due to different light were mainly manifested as headaches, seizures, limb weakness and visual changes; weight may lead to cerebral infarction or cerebral hemorrhage from disease, in the event of serious bleeding, infarction, or save her would be life-threatening. Through the surgery, the main is another “establish” a new vascular network, to ensure that the brain’s blood supply (of smoke-like abnormal vessels can be abandoned). The disease is very difficult to be very dangerous operation, timely detection is very important that when the above-mentioned symptoms should be highly vigilant.
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