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Saturday, April 3, 2010

How Does a Stroke Attack Affect the Body’s Function?

Stroke (stroke, stroke) characterized by ineffective blood flow to the brain. The result is cell death, brain damage, and the possibility of becoming a permanent disability. Each of the functions of the brain in the body. The loss of function occurs on the surface of the brain that continues CVA.There are four lobes of the brain, and each has its own function. In case of damage to the brain, the function of this region lost. Depending on the location and severity, the temporary effects, or results in severe effects disability.
Physical: The effects of a stroke vary from one person. Some people recover within a few days while others may be a year or more, depending on the damage and infarct location. Moreover, the amount of time a race begins to health care have an effect on the body, such as paralysis or weakness on one side of the body. Get help immediately if you or someone in your neighborhood can be a stroke.Effects the body's inability to speak or aphasia, is characterized by difficulty in speaking or understanding.

This is a problem with the language center of the left brain. The good news is that the right brain is able to compensate left brain.Dysphagia: difficulty swallowing, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies. This person will benefit from speech therapy with him to learn to swallow and speak. There is also a risk of choking, food may be inhaled into the lungs and lodge in the throat, causing airway distress.Depression divides depression is common after a stroke. The person may be considered body image and communication problems and engine problems.

These life changes can easily lead to depression in stroke survivor.Hemiplegia: paralysis of left or right side of the body. The person may experience muscle spasms in the affected limbs, which is better painful.Recovery care: special care is available for those who suffer the effects of a stroke. At most, the function can be restored through hard work and dedication during the rehabilitation phase. The person has a physical therapy to help restore motor function. This can be achieved using the services of home health agency, a nursing home to send the assessment of specific needs.

The nurse to coordinate the services of physiotherapists, professional, and will also visit the house in their treatment specialty.Rehab treatment should be administered: Rehabilitation desirable and beneficial for those suffering the effects of a stroke. In rehabilitation, patients are able to force the recovery of limb weakness, learning to walk, talk and swallow. Many patients are able to fully recover through rehabilitation and regain its independence in many cases.
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