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Monday, May 17, 2010

Experts advise transient aphasia may be the harbinger of stroke

Posted by: yunnly on: May 17, 2010
Xinhua Wuhan, May 16 (Xinhuanet Li Changzheng) had to speak very fluent, are suddenly developed transient aphasia is likely to be a sign of stroke, we should quickly to the hospital. Experts advise, transient aphasia is caused by transient cerebral ischemia, such a transient ischemic stroke symptoms are often an important signal that patients do not ignore.
The 65-year-old Mr. Lee suddenly six months ago, transient aphasia, left with numb limbs, and frequent attacks recently, each attack time, attack frequency is not fixed, duration of symptoms ranging from a few minutes to 30 minutes after their own relief. As the duration of symptoms is short, Mr. Lee did not take too much notice. Recently, he suddenly left limb paralysis, severe dizziness, his family rushed to Union Hospital in Wuhan, was diagnosed with a stroke.
Associate Professor of Neurology, Union Hospital, Wuhan, Xing Hongyi, said the incidence of transient aphasia, there are two reasons: First, severe stenosis on the basis of blood pressure fluctuations caused by remote transient cerebral ischemia, when blood pressure symptoms; Second, micro-embolism into the cerebral arterial system caused by blood vessel blockage, due to micro-embolism is the body or on its own acidic decomposition caused by the movement to restore local blood circulation, cerebral ischemic symptoms disappear.
Xing Hongyi, said the number of transient ischemic attack more, the shorter the time interval, the greater the risk of stroke, severe life-threatening. If repeated aphasia, speech is unclear, the side of the limb numbness, sudden dizziness, gait disturbance and other symptoms should seek medical care immediately. Mr. Lee if a brief six months ago, when aphasia is to treatment, it may not appear stroke.
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