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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who am I ? - man with no name

AN appeal has gone out to identify an Asian man who lost his memory after being knocked down in a road accident five months ago.
The victim, whose name and nationality remain unknown, suffered post-traumatic amnesia and cannot recall simple details such as his country of birth.
The trauma of the accident also left him with aphasia, meaning he lost the ability to speak.
He is being treated in the BDF Hospital in Riffa and officials are appealing to public to help identify him after failing to get anywhere despite an exhaustive search for answers.
"He was found on a road in East Riffa on December 25 and we believe it was a road traffic accident," said public relations head Ismail Al Suwaidi.
"We don't have any other information regarding the accident but a case has been registered.
"Nothing much can be done or proved unless he starts to talk.
"There was no CPR or other kinds of identification on him.
"We don't even know his nationality, name, age or where he works or lives.
"Somebody called the ambulance although there is no information about who did."
Mr Al Suwaidi said the fact that no one had come forward inquiring about the patient had also hindered the search for answers.
"He is also not being of much help because he seems to have lost his memory as a result of the accident," he told the GDN.
"He has not spoken a word since being admitted here because of which we don't even know which language he speaks.
"All day he simply lies down on his bed, unresponsive, only moving his eyes.
"Our speech therapists have checked him and think it's because of the shock from the accident.
"We have taken his picture to all the embassies from the south east Asian countries and the Indian sub-continent. None of them could recognise him."
Mr Al Suwaidi said the man may end up at the hospital until someone comes forward with information about him. "We are hoping for his family, friends or relatives to approach us so that he can be discharged from the hospital or even repatriated to his country," he said.
"He will have to stay here until then, no matter how long it takes.
"He is now our responsibility."
Traffic officials were unable to give any immediate details about the case but pledged to look into the matter.
Anybody with information that could help identify the patient is asked to contact the BDF public relations office on 17766804 or 36848487.
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