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Friday, July 30, 2010

NAA Spring/Summer 2010

NAA Spring/Summer 2010
Dear Member

Lay out the blanket, open the picnic basket, and unwind as you enjoy reading the NAA's Spring/Summer 2010 Newsletter.  This issue is so chock-full of goodies that you may want to be on the look out for hungry ants!

Before we give you a sneak peak at what you'll find in the Newsletter, we would like to THANK YOU ALL for yet another successful National Aphasia Awareness Month!  While you will read about how the NAA celebrated, we still would love to know how you did.  Please send us pictures and summaries about your activities so that we may include them on our Awareness Month 2010 page (  As you can see, it needs to be filled!

On to the Newsletter!  This season we celebrate a very special anniversary with our "Group of the Month," share a fraction of the positive feedback that we have received about the Emergency Responder Project, announce yet another Regional Speaking Out! Conference, and even include special news for our PPA readers.  And if you think that's a lot of exciting items to read - there's so much more that we did not even mention!

In order to begin reading, click here or paste into your web browser.  Don't forget that you will need the most recent Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view the file properly.
Ellayne Ganzfried, Executive Director
Amy Coble, Info/Admin Coordinator
The National Aphasia Association
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