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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Walking to Stop Apraxia of Speech

Written by Audrey Castoreno   
Walking for a good cause. Parents and children were at Riverside Park today doing just that and hoping to raise more awareness for children in the community who are living with communication disorders.

They can run and play just like any other child. The only difference is children with speech impairments like Apraxia have a little more trouble getting their words out.

Much like Willisha Rudd's daughter Shayla.

"This is my first time participating in the walk and....were here to support Apraxia because she has some forms of it so anything we can do to help out the community to bring awareness to help other parents and help the community to know what's going on," Willisha Rudd said.

The walk alone raised $6,000 dollars to donate to CASANA or the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America. Families and kids walked, enjoyed crafts, a bounce house, face painting and were also able to come together with other families in the community who have children who suffer from speech impairment.

"We just think its very important for people to realize that these children are in our area. That we need to understand them and understand that they have difficulty communicating, but that they are wonderful and they need our support," GCSHA President, Meredith Potts said.

Potts also says Apraxia is showing up more in children, and 60% of children with autism have been found to have this motor planning speech disorder. So events like the walk are key to raise awareness and funds for research.

"While it's not the most common its on the rise and we need to be able to recognize and understand and treat it appropriately," said Potts.

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