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Friday, January 21, 2011

Specialty Aphasia Cafe

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Announcing the first Specialty Aphasia Communication Cafe:The Fine Art of Belgium Beer Making  Monday January 24, 7:30 pm - 9 pm est
We are expanding our online aphasia group program.   Last year we started the Aphasia Communication cafe, an online group of up to six people led by a person with aphasia.  These cafes have offered the opportunity for peer conversation, support, sharing of ideas, social engagement, leadership, and speech/language practice.   Cafe groups now meet 4 days a week.
In response to suggestions by cafe participants, we are adding Specialty Aphasia Cafes.  The first specialty cafe will be hosted by Mr. Roger Gulbanson from Cleveland OH.  Roger will be hosting a monthly group online discussing The Fine Art of Making Belgium Beers.  Roger is an expert in this craft of brewing Belgium beers.  He has studied with beer makers in Belgium.
The goals of the group are to :
1. Share information about crafting Belgium Beer;
2. Discuss Belgium Beers; 
3.  Discuss Belgium breweries; 
4.  Discuss Belgium food
There is no charge for participation in these cafes.  Participants need to have a computer with a webcam and internet access.  Registration is simple and can be completed at .    Feel free to contact me should there be any questions or comments.   
If any of people with aphasia are interested in hosting a specialty café, contact me. 
Bill Connors

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